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Expanding Opportunities for Diverse Talent: Our Work in Tech Program

At our organization, we believe that talent is universal, but opportunities are not. That’s why we were thrilled to join the Work in Tech program, initiated by INCO Academy, in 2022. This Europe-wide program aims to empower learners with diverse backgrounds and launch their careers in tech, particularly those who are traditionally underrepresented in the sector.

The five-course curriculum, designed by Google and delivered on Coursera, equipped learners with the skills needed to launch their career in IT support.

But the Work in Tech program wasn’t just about the courses. We believe that support and guidance are crucial in empowering learners to launch their career in tech. We hosted three inspirational events, career perspective meetings and a job placement event, where learners received personalized guidance on their career goals and connected with potential employers.

In 2023, we’re taking our program to the next level by emphasizing soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. We’re not only focusing on IT support, but also Data Analytics. Our goal is to ensure learners are equipped with the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the tech industry.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial in driving innovation and progress in the tech sector. That’s why we’re committed to doing our part in creating a more equitable and diverse industry.

Want to learn more about our program or support our mission? Reach out to us today!

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