Google IT Support Certificate

Achieve Your IT Career Goals with the Google IT Support Certificate Program

This program is designed to prepare learners for entry-level roles in IT support. This course is offered in English with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian and Spanish.

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Achieve Your IT Career Goals with the Google IT Support Certificate Program


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Google IT Support Certificate

Welcome to the Google IT Support Training Program - a comprehensive course designed to equip learners for entry-level roles in IT support.

The program consists of 5 courses in total:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The bits and bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems and you: becoming a Power User
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure
  • IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

Note: The program comprises 5 modules, each with a certificate, and a final certificate will be awarded upon completion of all modules.


What you will learn

  • Customer support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network protocols
  • Cloud computing
  • Windows operating system
  • Linux command line
  • Systems administration
  • Encryption algorithms and techniques

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  • Dual Credential

    Dual Credential

  • Flexible & convenient

    Flexible & convenient

  • Real world experience

    Real world experience


What to expect from us

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    Support & guidance

    We help students with enrollment, answering questions and providing feedback and setting up regular check-ins

  • Supportive and inclusive learning environment icon

    Supportive and inclusive learning environment

    We encourage students to ask questions and share their ideas.


Learner Engagement Lead

  • picture of Karla Gonzalez de Vos

    Meet learner engagement lead

    Karla Gonzalez de Vos

    Karla is a qualified Venezuelan lawyer with experience in civil law, commercial law, and labor law from working with various companies in Venezuela. She obtained her LLM degree in commercial law: Transport & Maritime law from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In November 2022, Karla joined The Code to Change as the Learner Engagement Lead. Her main objective is to ensure that students of the Google Programs have a positive experience during their studies by serving as a bridge between the students and the Google Programs. She is responsible for supporting students who encounter issues during their online studies and providing them with answers and solutions. Additionally, Karla oversees the enrollment process and monitor the students’ progress and engagement within the programs.


What do I need to have to participate?

Participation is simple! You just need the following:

  • Laptop or smartphone
  • Time
  • Enthusiasm to learn and explore
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What do I need to have to participate?


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